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Biblical Counseling

Getting to the "root" by going to the source of Life

Image by Rod Long

Biblically Grounded

We believe that the Bible is our true and trustworthy source for knowing God and for experiencing genuine change that leads to Christian flourishing.

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Gospel Focused

Jesus Christ is our good news and God's decisive solution for true change. We are commited to addressing every issue in light of God's resources available in Christ. He is our hope, power, and confidence for living faithfully in a broken world.

Image by Ismael Paramo
Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Aaron Burden

Holistically Informed

God has made each person with a body and a soul, both of which are distorted by sin and in need of God's restoring grace in Christ. Consequently, our approach to holistic care involves a sensitivity to body-soul issues that may implicate outside medical or clinical aid.

What is Biblical Counseling?

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